midterm project


i redesigned the website for a jazz band called, “baby soda”. their web site had simple design and the navigation was inconvenient.  i changed the design and color concept.

i used my favorite colors pink and black. i tried to make a noticeable and easy to use website. on the first home page, i  made several menus where people can find new events, the band’s email address, blog and album information. I downloaded the background image from flickr and i adjusted the color in photoshop.

here is their original web site—–> babysoda.org

there are so many jazz competitors web site





Exercise column


2-column with faux column

3 -column liquid layout

3-column with faux column

i found this.

Sub category




I decide to create a homepage with a simple and neat design without using too many colors for navigation so when people click the navigation bar they can get any information easily. i used black for most of the background color so the MoMa logo is stand out than other type. i put the photo gallery at the left side of screen with few pictures that will be swf file or goes to another page. there is some empty space at the right side that i was going to replace the calendar with, but i think i should put membership link that i have to make

moma 1

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